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Various Artists - Cantando Andrea Parodi 2009 [FLAC] Bonus DVD5 PAL

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Various Artists - Cantando Andrea Parodi (2009) [FLAC] (Bonus DVD5 PAL)
Year: 2009
Discs: 2
Label: AV 09
.: Tracklist :
Tazenda is an Italian ethnic pop-rock band. The group was formed in Sardinia in 1988 by Andrea Parodi, Gigi Camedda and Gino Marielli. The group's music is characterized by the influence from traditional Sardinian music; the lyrics of most of its songs are in the Logudorese dialect of the Sardinian language rather than in Italian.
The name of the band was taken from Second Foundation, a novel of the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. In the novel the planet "Tazenda" (the name of which comes from the English expression Star's End) plays an important role. The choice, according to Tazenda, of this name was because of an assonance with their own language.
This cd+dvd features the concert-homage to Andrea Parodi, that took place exactly a year after his last concert, in the impressive Roman amphitheater of Cagliari. It is the celebration of the autumnal equinox, the date in which day and night are in perfect balance between themselves. It is a celebration in memory of this great artist who died prematurely, the voice of Sardinia, a voice that is extremely enchanting. 2007, September 21st was a special night dedicated to Andrea Parodi, at will of his wife Valentina, with the new-born Andrea Parodi Foundation, aiming at maintaining and spreading not only Andreaís works, but also Sardinian cultural and musical traditions.
In the cd+dvd Cantano Andrea Parodi his songs are interpreted by many of his friends-musicians that have been with him on the stage during over twenty years of career. Lots of guests in that special occasion presented songs from Andrea Parodiís huge repertory, making their own interpretations and arrangements. That was a significant contribution not only to pay a great homage to the artist, but also to keep his songs vivid, as well as the Sardinian local language and sounds, for which Andrea Parodi strove in order to have them been given their deserved value. Among the guests: Piero Pel?, a leading figure of the Italian rock scene; Elena Ledda, top voice of the Sardinian singing; the Balentes, three Sardinian voices that blend with a mixture of modernity and tradition; the Tazenda, the two inseparable Gino Marielli and Gigi Camedda with the recent addition of a beautiful voice, Beppe Dettori; Rita Marcotulli, talented and elegant composer and pianist, highly regarded in the jazz world, that has recently given her fine contribution to Andrea Parodi and Elena Leddaís last record ìRosa Resolzaî; the Sardinian singer-songwriter Piero Marras; the brilliant violinist Mauro Pagani, higly regarded in Italy, Andrea Parodiís eager partner in his last years, that made a name for himself since middle 70s, beside the most important artist of the national scene, such as the PFM, the Area, till his long cooperation with Fabrizio De AndrË; Gavino Murgia, the famous saxophonist from Nuoro, outstanding musician in the international jazz scene and scrupulous researcher in traditional music; the guitarist Gianluca Corona, the Sardinian musician that played on Andrea Parodiís side since 1998; drum and violin player Francesco Sotgiu, versatile Sardinian musician that used to make arrangements for Andrea Parodi during his whole career; Gigi Marras, a close partner of Andrea Parodi, too; and then the mascot, young but talented singer Nadia Sotgia, a brilliant voice of Sardinia, noticed by Andrea Parodi himself, who had been really impressed since he listened to her for the first time.
Ruz‰ju 5:09
Balai 3:28
Sienda 4:34
De Bentu 5:23
Tanti Canti 4:37
Armentos 4:46
Efix 5:30
Rosa Resolza 4:08
Ninneh 2:01
Soneanima 5:12
Pandela 9:30
Piero Pel?
Elena Ledda
Mauro Pagani
Rita Marcotulli
Gianluca Corona
Gavino Murgia
Francesco Sotgiu
Gigi Marras
Nadia Sotgia
Marcello Peghin
Flavio Secchi
Daniele Russo
Pier Paolo Liori
Silvano Lobina
Andrea Ruggeri
Gianluca Pischedda
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